Challenges for a sustainable future

Sustainability is probably the greatest challenge facing humanity in the medium and long term. A vision of the future based on sustainability requires coherence, consistency and balance between social progress, environmental responsibility and economic activity. 

Likewise, organizations face their own challenges; leadership development, keeping up with the pace of change, learning new skills, attracting talent, inspiring and motivating people.

Among many possible ways of approach, I have listed education and culture as fundamental tools for a process of change that we urgently need to develop in human relations. The first stands for the development of physical, intellectual and moral capacities, the latter, is inherent to behavioral models and the spread of intergenerational knowledge. 

Both have in common the need to adapt to the “environment”. This is an opportunity for sustainable evolution, when we put into practice our ability to think and act collectively. We are increasingly what we share, especially knowledge, values and development models.

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Guide for event planning

I reiterate previous writings about concepts and practices such as social technology and learning organizations, which can be applied to the events sector. The development of regional marketing platforms, aiming to bring together stakeholders in multiple areas of competence, under a common mindset, would facilitate innovation, leverage internationalization initiatives, optimize resources, in a cost-effective manner, ensuring the sustainability of business models.

To achieve this goal, we need to debate common themes and problems, engage local and central government officials, entrepreneurs, clients, members of the civil society, to share sensibilities, deepen our knowledge of current systems, in order to discover and prototype new ideas and opportunities for collaboration. Technological innovation has radically changed the way we think and act, communication tools have created unique opportunities to network.  

When it comes to sustainability in events, we are we in a state of emergency. The implementation of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is yet, another measure we need to take action, to address the inseparability of poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation and justice as they relate to long-term human and planet preservation. 

The future is shaped individually and collectively, it is in our hands to make it happen in a socially responsible and sustainable way. The realization of this universal goal requires only the willingness to listen without prejudice, create space for dialogue, and act collectively.

Pedro Cardoso
The author has been dedicated to the Tourism sector since 1982. With a degree in Hotel Management, he was a member of hotel chains, co-founder and Executive Director of the Porto Convention Bureau, Hotel Consultant, shareholder and administrator of restaurants and catering companies. Since 2001 he has been Director of The House of Events agency, a company specialized in association and corporate events and themed trips.