Passion for change

Writing an opinion piece is always a huge challenge. On the one hand, it confronts me with the need to select, among many topics, one that occupies a space of concern in my agenda, on which I want to reflect. It means taking clear positions, written in stone, sharing personal perspectives, which mark a way of feeling, of being in life. 

What started out as a technical approach to the events sector, about trends, good practices, gradually became a kind of manifesto, sharing the emotion of fifty-some years of experience. The passion for change is the fruit of this symbiosis. As a touchstone and source of motivation, I have chosen a few keywords that reflect quite well what I think about the matter.

The biggest challenges organizations will face in the near future are leadership development, keeping up with the pace of change, (re)learning to communicate, attracting talent, inspiring and motivating people. 

There is a strong need to work together, build a common vision and shape passion in everything we do. To cherish life in a holistic way, share knowledge, promote leadership in our families, organizations, in society in general.  To stimulate collective intelligence as a way to optimize resources and put efficiency into action. Change is a process that must come from our own initiative, a long road, often tortuous and painful, but regenerating.

We can feel the imperious desire for change in people around us, in the information we receive from all walks of life. We only need to read the signs of this growing ability to communicate, by noticing the way information technologies have evolved.

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In a global world, the phenomenon is even more evident; those who do not relearn how to communicate, die early. Last but not the least, mobilize, educate and motivate people. Almost without exception, all successful organizations respond well to these criteria. Leadership has a huge advantage; it is a contagious process that tends to make organizations flatter, allows knowledge sharing, marries experience with innovation, replaces hierarchy with dialogue, turns work into recognition. 

Change requires time and pace. It starts with a change of attitude, of culture. Throwing away old routines to make room for new habits, doing more with less. Times of change and scarcity, teach us to be more creative, more present, to see in every problem new opportunity.

The passion for change can be a reason to live each day in a more intense, more supportive, more sustainable way. Long live change! 

Original opinion piece, published in Event Point magazine 8, july 2013, edited and updated in May 2021.

Pedro Cardoso
The author has been dedicated to the Tourism sector since 1982. With a degree in Hotel Management, he was a member of hotel chains, co-founder and Executive Director of the Porto Convention Bureau, Hotel Consultant, shareholder and administrator of restaurants and catering companies. Since 2001 he has been Director of The House of Events agency, a company specialized in association and corporate events and themed trips.