Seduce by the senses, awake emotions and fulfill desires!
We transform venues to create an illusion, surprise by the unexpected, leave an indelible mark that time does not erase and memory does not forget.
Content is the key!
Effective communication relies on setting objectives, creating content and a clear strategy. These are key issues to a successful event, emotional branding, network engagement and participants’ motivation.
Making every event one of its kind!
We take on each event, whether it is planning a product launch, an international conference, a corporate meeting or a social event, as a challenge to our creativity.

Corporate Events planning. How we operate?
Event management consultancy
In the organization of corporate events, we support meeting planners from the conception until the execution of the project. We share information, experience and knowledge of the market, we present proposals and advice in supplier selection so we can guarantee the best relationship between cost and effectiveness and minimize the risks of the event.
Meeting planning and product launches
We propose exclusive venues and innovative formats for the organization of corporate events capable of creating an impact on the relationship with the brand, loyalty from the clients and generate return on investment.
Themed events
We collaborate idealizing the theme and concept in harmony with the venue, managing the decor and the ambience in a way to create an exclusive event. We assure all the logistics, from the scenic effects, audio-visuals, settings and even the entertainment programme that will help create the pretended theme for the most varied types of corporate events.

Maximum number of simultaneous events
Meals served in a single event
Collaborators involved
Participants in a “Public Viewing”

Our Services
Aim and Concept definition, plan and program proposals and budget outline.
Elaboration of integrated proposals, pre-selection of suppliers, conditions negotiation and services organization.
Selection of venues and site inspection organization and meeting with suppliers.
Team supervision and control of services in the venues, assembly program, transportation, audiovisuals, catering, health and safety plan.
Guest reception, accommodation and transfers management during all the event.
Our goal is to awaken sensations and create conscious and unconscious connections in the participants to create identification with the Brand.
We surprise by the unexpected and seduce by the senses. Interactive appointments, music and local culture in a crescendo up to the peak of the event.
We value the cost-effectiveness relationship. We believe that event organization is one of the most productive ways to achieve goals.
We create the perfect harmony between the ambience, decoration, catering and entertainment.

Our Clients

2016 | 50 PAX
Product launch at Palácio do Freixo, Ansell Palácio%20do%20Freixo,%20Ansell
2016 | 20 PAX
After dinner party at Palácio do Freixo, Ansell,%20Depuy
2006 | 700 pax
Award dinner at Convento do Beato, Depuy,%20Martifer
2005 | 850 pax
Dinner and concert at Castelo de Montemor, Martifer