We share with you the will of being part of a better world.
We privilege programs with the minimum environmental impact that contribute to local economies where the participants have an active role in the society.
Stimulate your team, mens sana in corpore sano.
We provoke emotions through possible combinations of music, dancing and exercise to release your team’s energy and promote well-being.
Creativity requires work, but it offers the greatest rewards.
Unique and creative experiences with emotion and adrenaline that help build team spirit and a stronger identification with your company values.

Incentive Travel Programs. What do we offer?

Hospitality and Culture
Portugal has to offer unique features such as remarkable landscapes, distinctive traditions and customs that are the result of a world of numerous cultures in a small territory, everything that is necessary for successful incentive travel solutions. What you will always find in these different places is the friendly Portuguese hospitality, the quality of our gastronomy and the art of making people feel welcome.
Team-building Programs
Development of motivation programs and incentive travel for employees with specific objectives that will be prepared with client’s orientation. The program concepts can be purely playful or educational and mostly focused on the interpersonal relationships and in the behavioural change of the participating groups.
Group activities and Experiences
Exclusive and tailor-made activities that will meet your expectations and the required motivation. Inspiring experiences, indoor and outdoor activities, adrenaline or social interaction moments are possible in any Portuguese region. Either a sailing regatta to work on team spirit, a wine dinner to mingle and indulge in or a day out and about to discover the artistic heritage of a city are excellent incentive programs for employees.

Incentives realized
% of international clients
Maximum of participants
Medium budget per event

Our Services

We offer unique places, where architecture, innovation, tradition and authenticity assume a prominent place to recreate exclusive experiences.
Whether in a kitchen in one of the old quarters of the city, fresh fish and seafood in a "Marisqueira" or a tasting menu in an award winning restaurant, you will surely be seduced.
Discover the art of making wine, visit the farms, stroll through the vineyards, wine presses and cellars and end the day with a wine tasting or a wine dinner.
We present a set of activities and experiences that stimulate creativity with art workshops, percussion or even circus.
Specialized interest programs with guided tours through the city design stores and galleries and visits to internationally renown architectural pieces.
Cultural programs about Portuguese heritage, culture, history and art both for leisure or training.
Let us show you places that invite you to adventure, such as white-water rivers for rafting, coasteering on the cliffs of Sesimbra or even biking through the interior mountains.
We invite you on a tram ride through “down town”, a bike ride along the river, or a walking tour to discover new cultures.
The essence of our work is to “move” people.

Our Clients


2019 | 140 PAX
Coasteering at Serra da Arrabida, Kite Kommunikasjon
https://the.pt/Sailing%20Regatta%20at%20Douro%20River, Axxion
2018 | 35 PAX
Sailing Regatta at Douro River, Axxion
2018 | 80 PAX
Biking along Douro River, De Buck Agency
2015 | 80 PAX
Reception in Douro’s wine growing village, Pauwels