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Memorable events that linger in people’s minds and generate the return on investment.

We take on each event, whether it is planning a product launch, an international conference, a corporate meeting or a social event, as a challenge to our creativity. From the concept definition, finding the right venue, to designing the atmosphere, rehearsals, régie, security…

you can count on a team of project managers to set the stage, all according to plan. To allow you to focus on the event content, getting your message across and above all, involving people.





Signature events
We’ll help pick up hand selected spots and give your guests
a sense of exclusivity.

Setting the stage
Innovative meeting formats improve guest’s engagement, awake attention and focus.

Meeting objectives
We’re lined up with participants’ major goals; learning, networking and motivation.

Production plan
Well-coached teams operate with a set of clearly defined tasks, to deliver our promise.





Mingle and indulge
Celebrations go together with fine wining and dining, strolling around lively “bairros”. Meet the locals, embrace places to the fullest.

Social Responsibility
Learn how gratifying, responsible business can be. Protecting the environment, taking a stand, helping others.

Touring around
From finding the hidden treasures of history to cross-country biking, tram hopping or sailing, “moving” people is the essence of our work.

Experience the ‘slow living’ mindset, let go and discover brand new worlds. Engagement, sharing and learning is our motto.

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